Elder Law FAQ’s

Hire David Lee Rice, APLC to Take Care of Legal Needs

David Lee Rice, APLC, is a respected law firm capable of handling all aspects of elder law. We specialize in advocating for seniors and ensuring their legal rights remain protected. Elder law is crucial. As you or your family members grow older, it’s critical to have a plan in place. Unfortunately, as individuals age, their risk for sudden illnesses increases. Because it’s not possible to know when an individual will no longer be able to handle their affairs, hiring an experienced elder law attorney is critical. We handle a broad spectrum of legal areas, from elder abuse to conservatorships for Torrance, CA-area residents. We also serve seniors and families in the Ranchos Palos Verdes area as well as Lomita, Carson, Long Beach, San Pedro, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo Manhattan Beach, and Hawthorne. If you require help setting up a contingency plan, contact our board-certified elder specialists today.

Can I Handle My Spouse’s Affairs Instead of an Attorney?

We don’t advise spouses to handle all of their significant other’s legal affairs, including planning for Medi-Cal without the proper documents and a lawyer to assist you through this complex mazze. One of the reasons a board-certified elder attorney is so useful is our ability to handle a complex range of legal areas promptly and thoroughly. Plus, while you might be capable of handling your spouse’s affairs now, you might not be able to later. Hiring David Lee Rice, APLC can avoid potential issues down the road and allow you to enjoy your golden years free from difficulties and worry.

What is Power of Attorney, and Why is it Important?

The power of attorney grants an attorney general oversight over numerous areas of your affairs. Setting up a durable power of attorney can protect you from financial harm should an illness impact your ability to manage your finances. It also provides a useful tool during short-term instances – such as a medical emergency. If you are no longer capable of handling your affairs, then a power of attorney is necessary, and it avoids the legal fees and costs of setting up a Conservatorship.

Why Do I Need an Elder Law Attorney?

Elder law attorneys receive specialized training and further education to specialize in elder law. While another attorney understands the legal concepts, they won’t have experience dealing with California’s sometimes complex elder laws. Hiring an attorney who specializes in elder law is critical. David Lee Rice, APLC is a renowned expert and has represented countless elderly clients.

How Do I Discuss Elder Law Planning with My Parents?

David Lee Rice, APLC recognizes elder law as a sensitive issue for many families. Sometimes, parents are resistant to entering a retirement community or surrendering control over their affairs. We recommend all parties get together and get on the same page before speaking with their parents. Once you do, present a united front to your parents and let your parents in on the decision-making process.

How Can Medi-Cal Help Me?

Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program. Nursing homes can be incredibly expensive because they provide round-the-clock medical attention, as well as meals, housing, and more. Medi-Cal can help seniors afford the cost of a high-quality nursing home, and David Lee Rice, APLC can help navigate the process. Our goal is to ensure you get what you deserve from Medi-Cal.

What Constitutes Elder Abuse in California?

Elder abuse is a severe problem, one that is more prevalent than it should be. David Lee Rice, APLC has extensive experience representing elderly patients who have been abused or neglected by their caregivers. California defines elder abuse as physical and psychological abuse, as well as neglect, endangerment, and financial exploitation of seniors 65 years or older. California law permits seniors to file civil lawsuits for damages against their abusers. Elder law abuse includes:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Unreasonable physical constraint
  • Deprivation of food and water
  • Sexual assault
  • Physical punishment

What Are the Warning Signs of Elder Abuse or Neglect?

Fortunately, elder abuse is rarely hidden in plain sight. Family members can keep an eye out for some of the most common symptoms. Because elderly individuals aren’t always capable of verbally signally the situation, you need to pay close attention:

  • Physical changes, such as sudden weight loss and dehydration. This can indicate the nursing home is withholding food, water, and medications
  • Bruising and bedsores, which can indicate neglect

What is a Conservatorship?

Conservatorships are a vital legal tool enabling David Lee Rice, APLC to protect his clients. They appoint an individual (called the conservator) to care for the needs of an elder (the conservatee). The conservator has oversight over all the individual’s personal affairs, including financial assets. We typically use them in situations where the individual has Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. Still, conservatorships are useful in several other areas, including protecting aging parents from fraud or undue influence.

Why Should I Choose David Lee Rice, APLC?

David Lee Rice, APLC has a proven track record of caring for elderly clients and protecting their access. We believe the most vulnerable of us deserve enhanced protection, so that’s what we provide. At David Lee Rice, APLC, our firm works hard to provide the legal services required to ensure an individual’s golden years as happy and carefree.  Russell Ozawa a partner at our firm handles litigation exclusively in the area of Conservatorships, Trust and Estates, Will contests, and Probates.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Over 3 Decades of Experience
  • Specialist in taxation through the California Board of Legal Specialization
  • Certified as a specialist in elder law through the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys