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Do you own real property in the state of California? Even with the protection of Proposition 13, your property taxes may be much more than they should be. If so, then you should seek a property tax reassessment. Many property tax appeals cases can be resolved through negotiations with your local county assessor or through the State Board of Equalization.The attorneys at the Law Offices of David Lee Rice, A Professional Law Corporation, have successfully represented clients in negotiations with local county assessors. Where a settlement cannot be reached, our litigation attorneys are fully prepared to litigate your case in court.The Law Offices of David Lee Rice, APLC, handles every aspect of the real property tax field, including: compliance, tax estimates, pre- due diligence analysis, complete tax bill review, special and direct assessments, escape assessments, secured and unsecured property tax bills, change in ownership issues, transfers of base value issues and, of course, property tax appeal representation before the various assessment appeals boards.For a consultation, contact the David Lee Rice, A Professional Law Corporation, immediately at (310) 517-8600.
Property Tax Lawyers

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